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Handmade Oil Paintings for Sale and Custom Oil [ $35.00 ]
Posted by 1stpainting Meisheng Oil Painting Manufacture Co., Ltd. on Monday April 14th,2014
Country : China
Description: We are a professional produce and exporter of oil paintings for art lovers around the world.We offer commercial oil paintings,high quality oil paintings and museum quality oil paintings to meet with the demands of various oil paintings market. We..

ceramics vase [ $100.00 ]
Posted by tltc637 Jingdezhen Tanglong Ceramics Co.Ltd on Monday June 24th,2013
Country : China
Description: We supply diverse range of porcelain products( antique & modern) including vase (small/medium/huge), stool, washbasin / sink,  Jars, flower pots / planter, sculpture, table lamp, tea & coffee set, dinnerware,  accessories..

Clay Roaring Tiger [ $2.50 ]
Posted by ishowilove Jinan Eswerd Co., Ltd on Tuesday August 2nd,2011
Country : China
Description: Clay roaring tiger is the representative of national intangible cultural heritages. The roaring tiger is purely hand-made and of high quality. The clay used is strictly selected in Gaomi City, Shandong Province for the clay there is in high..

Delicate kite and Frame [ $8.33 ]
Posted by ishowilove Jinan Eswerd Co., Ltd on Tuesday August 2nd,2011
Country : China
Description: The main body of frame is made of solid light wood and coated with a layer of foil. The resin glass cover over the kite makes appreciation of the artwork clearly and avoids breakage if the frame accidently falls into ground. The bottom mat..



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Author: shuwei2_
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