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Refined Castor Oil [ 0.00 ]
Posted by in103799439 on Saturday February 27th,2010
Country : India
Description: Ref. No : S Attn : Purchasing Department Dear Sir / Madam, It gives us pleasure to write to you from one of the leading producers of Castor Derivatives in India. We are the Flagship Company of US$ 150 Million TGV Group, a conglomerate of..

Acetylene [ 0.00 ]
Posted by kadihitham Sharjah Oxygen Company on Saturday February 27th,2010
Country : United Arab Emirates
Description: Sharjah Oxygen Company is the largest producer of Industrial & technical grade acetylene in the UAE. SOC offers the acetylene gas in different type of cylinders and cylinder racks to meet the customer's specfic requirements. To generate..

Squalene [ 0.00 ]
Posted by alexismargnat Sophim on Saturday February 27th,2010
Country : France
Description: SQUALENE is a Triterpenoid chemically 2,6,10,15,19,23-Hexamethyltetracosa-[2,6,10,15,19,23]-hexaene.The six double bonds are all in all-trans configuration. The molecule is composed of six Isoprene units. SQUALENE is also known as Spinacene.SQUALENE..

Acetylene [ 0.00 ]
Posted by us100069649 Acme Refrigeration Supplies LLC on Saturday February 27th,2010
Country :

Trichloroethylene- USD 825/MT [ 0.00 ]
Posted by ca104921441 7CHEMICALS on Saturday February 27th,2010
Country : Canada
Description: YEMENTO PACK FINSIHED FORMULATION is involved in the business ofPharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Papers & Resinsfulfilling the need of global buyers under one roof. offers a wide umbrella of products.providing quality service in markets..

Acetylene [ 0.00 ]
Posted by in105937761 Universal Industrial Plants Manufacturing Co on Saturday February 27th,2010
Country :
Description: We are manufacturing and exporting Acetylene Plants and its equipment for the use of various industrial and medical purposes. These acetylene plants and equipment are manufactured by employing the latest technology of ING. L. & A., Boschi,..

Acetylene (C2H2) [ 0.00 ]
Posted by sg105937802 NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL GASES PTE LTD on Saturday February 27th,2010
Country : Singapore
Description: Acetylene (C2H2) GeneralAcetylene is a synthesis gas generally produced from the reaction of water with Calcium Carbide it is slightly lighter than air and has strong garlic-like odour. It is unstable and highly combustible and produces very hot..

Acetylene [ 0.00 ]
Posted by kw106188581 Kuwait industrial Gases Co. W.L.L. on Saturday February 27th,2010
Country : Kuwait
Description: C2H2 APPLICATIONSINDUSTRYUSAGE Glass Lubrication of bottle production molds Machine/Metal Construction Oxygen cutting and welding Chemical Industrial and Chemical Synthesis Atomic Fuel for atomic absorption instruments Paper Paper pulp bleaching..

Posted by igmsait GULF SAFETY EQUIPS TRADING LLC on Saturday February 27th,2010
Country : United Arab Emirates

levitra 1.50$ [ 0.00 ]
Posted by in100577000 7chemicals on Saturday February 27th,2010
Country : India

Acetylene [ 0.00 ]
Posted by us107376961 air-source on Saturday February 27th,2010
Country :
Description: DescriptionFormula: C2H2Synonyms: Ethyne, EthineGas DataMolecular Weight: 26.04Density: 1.09 kg/m3 @ 21.1°C, 101.325 kPa0.0680 lb/ft3 @ 70°F, 14.696 psiaSpecific Volume: 0.917 m3/kg @ 21.1°C, 101.325 kPa14.7 ft3/lb @ 70°F, 14.696..

ACETYLENE [ 0.00 ]
Posted by in107374519 Proton Gases (India) Private Limited on Saturday February 27th,2010
Country : India
Description: DescriptionGrade Impurities(Gas Phase)99.6% (N2.6) (Atomic Absorption Grade)(Vol. PPM)trans-2-Butene is a colourless flammable gas at room temperature and atmospheric pressure.Air< 0.3% Phosphine< 10 ppmHydrogen Sulphide< 10 ppmCylinder..

C-Shine Chemical [ 0.00 ]
Posted by in105878277 Adarsh Enterprises on Saturday February 27th,2010
Country : India
Description: "C-Shine" is specially formulated with an effective blend of additives and penetrates to remove dirt, grease and oil accumulation on evaporators and condenser coils quickly. Using "C-Shine" the equipment is cleaned from..

A290 Amberklene LO30-Fast Drying Solvent [ 0.00 ]
Posted by grandetschemicalltd Grand Eastern (Tien Seng) Chemical Ltd on Saturday February 27th,2010
Country :
Description: A powerful flushing action with fast evaporation to leave a dry surface. Rapidly removes duty grease / oxides / ink / adhesive / For use in numerous industries including PCBs and electronics, office..

Epichlorohydrine [ 0.00 ]
Posted by th103194494 Xenon Inter Co., Ltd on Saturday February 27th,2010
Country : Thailand
Description: Epichlorohydrine

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ptfe rod:
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Standard or Nonstandard: Standard Place of Origin: Liaoning, China (Mainland) Brand Name: ZY, OEM Model Number: 101