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chemicals MDPV [ 0.00 ]
Posted by chizhong Shandong Chizhong Group Co., Ltd. on Saturday February 27th,2010
Country : China

1-Bromotetradecane [ 0.00 ]
Posted by jingbiao Yancheng Jinbiao Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. on Saturday February 27th,2010
Country : China
Description: Molecular formula: C14H29Br CAS No: 112-71-0 EINECS No: 203-999-3 Synonyms: n-bromotetradecane, bromotetradecane, tetradecyl bromide, myristyl bromide Appearance: pale yellow liquid Melting point: 5 - 6..

Zinc Oxide 99.5% [ 0.00 ]
Posted by lianhuachem Shijiazhuang Lianhua Chemicals Co., Ltd. on Saturday February 27th,2010
Country : China
Description: Zinc Oxide 99.5% zinc oxide 99% 99.5% 99.7% It usd in Rubber Industry, Paints Industry, Ceramics Industry, floor tile, glass, Zinc Oxide 99.5%Product NameZinc Oxide 99%Zinc Oxide 99.5%Zinc Oxide..

Dissolved Acetylene Gas [ 0.00 ]
Posted by sunrisegroup Sunrise Group (China) Ltd. on Saturday February 27th,2010
Country :
Description: Dissolved Acetylene Gas: Purity:98% min Standard:GB/T13076-1991 Weight:6Kg max per Acetylene Cylinder Dissolved Acetylene Cylinders:Type:WMA250-40Volume:40LWeight:36KgNominal Outer..

Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate [ 0.00 ]
Posted by panpactrade Pan-Pacific International Trading Co., Ltd. on Saturday February 27th,2010
Country : China
Description: Name:Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate(ALS) Structural formula RO-SO3NH4 Test ItemsSpecificationsALS/70ALS/28AppearanceWhite Or Slightly yellow Pourable gelLiquld,clear viscous.OdorNo Strange OdorsActive Matter(%)68±228±1Unsulfated..

Labsa 90% [ 0.00 ]
Posted by in102282559 SAI INDUSTRIES PVT LTD on Saturday February 27th,2010
Country : India
Description: LABSA 90%

Dodecenyl Succinic Anhydride (Cas No. 26544-38-7) [ 0.00 ]
Posted by deepanmody GD ASSOCIATES INC on Saturday February 27th,2010
Country :
Description: Used as a resin Intermediate

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