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Dried Shrimp Shell [ $1.00 ]
Posted by Viet Delta
Country : Vietnam
Description: Dear Sir/Madam We are VIET DELTA INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD established in 2000. Our company is the leading Export company Viet Nam of agricultural products. We have over 10 years of experiences in this field.  We export many agricultural products .Especially, products of dried shell seafood such as: crabs shell, shrimps shell, fish scales, ?  Specification of dried shrimp shell:  Type: Shrimp  Style: Dried  Processing Type: Fried   Place of Origin: Vietnam  Brand Name: shrimp shell, shrimp shell for anim...  Variety: seafood..

Dried Crab Shell [ $1.00 ]
Posted by Viet Delta
Country : Vietnam
Description: We are happy to introduce our company to you, Viet Delta Industrial Co., Ltd. We are specializing in providing DRIED CRAB SHELL for exporting. We export many agricultural products .Especially, products of dried shell seafood such as: crabs shell, shrimps shell, fish scales, ?  Specification of dried crab shell:  Color: Red or White Style: Dried                       Processing type: roasted Packaging: 15kg/ P.P Bag Shelf..

crab shell, shrimp shell chitin [ $5.50 ]
Country : Vietnam
Description: lisa@2kleagues.com, cell.no: 84 1688279426, Lisa.MsProduct name: Chitin/Agricultural chitin/ Industry chitin/industrial chitin/pharmaceutical / chitosanProducing: clean by water and dry under strong sunlight of central Viet NamProduct source: 100% shrimp shell, high chitosan.Origin: Central beach Viet Nam.Color: Milk white.Type: Raw & powder.Moisture: <3%Impurity: <5%.ASH: <1%Package: bag.Transportation: by sea. ..

crab shell [ 0.00 ]
Posted by Aung Moe Khaine manufacturing co,ltd.
Country : Myanmar
Description: Want to sell Crab shell but"do not know how to do with it.""we throw away on ground".I can supply 800,000.crab shell every month

Sell Crab Shell For Chitin [ 0.00 ]
Posted by Indochito International
Country : Indonesia

Chitosan Raw Material-Snow Crab Shell Dried [ 0.00 ]
Posted by Active Botanicals Company Limited
Country : Canada
Description: Chipped, dried snow crab shell for Chitosan mnfr. 15 to 20M per container. H2o<14% , Fresh processed for best quality. 300m / mo Active Botanicals is the largest supplier of high Quality Canada Yew to the worlds pharmaceutical API manufacturers. We intend to become the best supplier for high quality, high volume Crab shells for Chitosan production. We have a capacity exceeding 300Metric tonnes per month of high quality shells. The shells are chipped to 1/2 inch (12mm) size and dried in a low heat nutriceutical dryer. The dried shells are..

dried crab shell [ 0.00 ]
Posted by Dhoni Kurniawan
Country : Indonesia
Description: Blue Swimming Crab Shell

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