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ExclusiveLane Tree Of Life Wall Cum Table Tealight With Parrots Sitting On [ $10.22 ]
Posted by Exclusivelane12
Country : India
Description: - This exquisite wooden Tree of life Table cum Wall Tealight with two handcrafted wooden parrots sitting on its branches is all you need to accentuate the beauty of your home. - Further adding to its charm the unique wooden carving has been done on the tree which makes the product distinctive. - The beautiful shaped candle stand with candles mixes up well with all kinds of decor by giving it a serene vibe and will brighten up the interiors of your room and your balcony. - The broad base of the Tea light holder ensures stability and can also be hung in your balcony and living..

ExclusiveLane Canvas Handpainted Tribal Ladies [ $22.81 ]
Posted by Exclusivelane12
Country : India
Description: - This Tribal Ladies handpainted ethnic tray will definitely take you back to the ethnic era where our lives were very simple. - The unique handpainting on the serving tray depicts the 8 tribal ladies handpainted on bright orange canvas pasted on the base of the tray just like in ancient art form. - This classic serving tray can be used to serve number of guests at a time and its uniquely designed handles will be a piece of attraction for your kitchen.- The border is made up of acrylic wood. A piece of glass is put over the painting to protect it. - The surface of the serving..

ExclusiveLane Terracotta Warli Handpainted Pots Yellow Set Of 3 499 749 33.38% 400 499 535 725 "- A very charming and ethinic bright yellow [ $7.85 ]
Posted by Exclusivelane12
Country : India
Description: - A very charming and ethinic bright yellow earthen miniatures set of 3 in terracotta in unique shapes with handpainting of working men on the pots with red, blue and green paint. - The red border on the top makes the set look very beautiful when decorated tastefully. You can put these on a shelf or on your side table. ART TYPE: Terracotta Handpainted and Handmade. NOTE: 1) Assorted shape and size. 2) Approx height of tappered pot is mentioned. 3) Approx diameter of flat pot is mentioned. 4)As this product is Handcrafted & Handpainted there might be a..

ExclusiveLane Canvas Handpainted Rectangular KITE Wall [ $17.30 ]
Posted by Exclusivelane12
Country : India
Description: - This Wall Lamp from our "kite collection" depicts a bright orange kite handpainted on the golden base flying in the sky giving it a classy look. - The sketched patterns has been horizintally handpainted with black on all the 3 sides of the of the canvas. - The combination of bight orange kite with golden base makes the light emmission more appealing. ART TYPE: Canvas Handpainted and Handmade. NOTE: 1) The handpainting has been done on the 3 sides. 2) As this Lamp is handpainted and handcrafted there might be a slight colour and design variation, which is natural. ..

ExclusiveLane 15 Inch Handpainted Ethnic Lady Terracotta Lamp Turqouise [ $25.17 ]
Posted by Exclusivelane12
Country : India
Description: - This handpainted lamp will definitely take you back to ethnic era where our lives were very simple. - The handpainting on the canvas shade depicts a calm rajasthani lady sitting on the floor outside her house. - The terracotta base of this lamp has been beautifully handpainted with soothing colours to add the requried mood to the room and matching the color coordination with the earthen shade.  ART TYPE: Canvas and Terracotta Handpainted and Handmade. NOTE: 1) The shade is made up of Canvas. 2) Raw Terracotta is used to give it an ethnic look. 3)  As..

ExclusiveLane Terracotta Warli Handpainted Face Pots With Wooden Shelf Wall [ $22.81 ]
Posted by Exclusivelane12
Country : India
Description: - This beautiful wall decor with hand painted terracotta face pots have been uniquely placed on a wooden frame to add color and life to your wall. - The unique shapes of the pots have also been kept into consideration while placing them in the frame. - These face pots have been beautifully handcrafted in terracotta with jute tied around it. - The wooden shelf has been beautifully painted multiple bright colours and has a warli patch at the center to add a class and sheen to it. - Ghungroos are attached at the bottom of the shelf. -The terracotta face pots can also be..

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Author: GUUBZoe
Posted On: 2017-09-01 08:45:59

Brand: GUUB Steel Thickness : 0.7mm thickness cold rolled steel Function:  Storage cabinet, office filing cabinet, metal locker cabinet  Surf