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Cooling/Heating and Free Hot Water Air Source Heat Pump

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Cooling/Heating and Free Hot Water Air Source Heat Pump

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Tuesday September 17th,2013
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Power World Manchinery Equipment Co., Ltd [ Bronze ]
Cooling/Heating and Free Hot Water Air Source Heat Pump 1. Stainless steel tank inside, plus 50mm insulation. 2. Extremely compact structure, good looking face, and easy demountable for access. 3. High efficiency compressor with R410A refrigerant. 5. Touch design LCD control panel, and the control signals are easier to be transferred to the control system; 6. Automatic defrosting function included. 7. Clock & Timing on/off function. 8. Electrical heating element inside as back up for emergent request. 9. 65?C high temperature weekly auto antisepsis and changeable Magnesium stick inside tank to ensure good quality water. 10. Careful protection functions such as: high pressure, low pressure, and anti-freezing, phase order, discharge temp etc. 11. Optional extra solar coil can be added inside tank to combine using with solar heaters 12. General testing and operational test carried out for every unit before package in the fact

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compact type air source heat pump:
Author: powerworld
Posted On: 2013-08-29 03:59:42

compact type air source heat pump 1. Stainless steel cover and water tank, durable and anti rust. 2. with refrigerant heat exchange inside tank, mo